Food Fairs and Festivals

Food Fairs and Festivals are celebrations of fine Food and Drink with some stalls and sections specialising in products produced locally to the venue which are usually supplemented with artisan-created food sellers from across the UK and stallholders selling gourmet food and drinks from around the world.

Available arrangements and formats

MM Events both initiates and runs our own festivals such as at Chichester and Midhurst; or we can work with existing and aspirant festival organisers to supply market and event support to their festivals. [See Working with Event Organisers]

Food and Drink Fairs and Festivals can vary widely in format:

Some are substantial town centre open-access events with free admission. These are typically large-scale events involving large numbers of exceptionally high-quality sellers using a festival market format and trading under stalls. Food products are available both to sample and for sale, but many vendors will also be promoting mail order through their websites. Formal cookery demonstrations may be offered. Hot and cold gourmet ‘food to go’ will certainly be available. This is the format for events generally favoured for MM Events Food and Drink Festivals.

An alternative format used by some festivals is to charge an admission, erect a marquee (often with additional stalls around it) and provide some cookery demonstrations included with the admission and some at additional cost. In these cases MM Events may work with the organiser to put a market in the paid-area of the event site or alternatively operate a free-to-access gourmet food market on a market square or pedestrianised area in the town centre.

A local and global feast

In each case MM Events will recruit a combination of stalls including local producers, quality artisan stalls from further afield in the UK and gourmet vendors from the UK and abroad.

Such markets can be scaled to the space available and products typically include cheese of all kinds and origins; fresh and cured meats; pickles, condiments and preserve sellers; spice, spice mix and marinade sellers; fine cakes and biscuits; plus all manner of additional cookery, cuisine and kitchen related products and ancillaries.

An annual local event

Food festivals such as these frequently inspire immense loyalty and local pride and become a regular fixture in the calendar. With a calendar congested with food festivals each weekend it can become difficult for the local volunteers that often started them to continue to recruit quality traders. Similarly events involving the sale of hot food and indeed any food product need considerable expertise and compliance if the event is not to attract the interest of Environmental Health and other public protection bodies.

MM Events offer a service to Event Organisers whereby we will organise your festival markets end-to-end on your behalf and pay you a fee for doing so. By working in this way you are assured of a top quality market and revenue which is fully compliant with all health and safety and hygiene regulations.

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