Christmas Entertainments Roadshow

MM Events touring Christmas Roadshow is a pre-built Seasonal Extravaganza comprising a lorry-mounted Christmas decorated entertainments stage, a Santa’s Grotto, a life-size snow globe, a Christmas lights centrepiece, snow cannons, smoke and and professional laser light show and much more – to bring Yuletide delight to your town for one to three consecutive days in November or December 2018.

The full entertainments package is delivered as a single entity alongside a decorated Christmas Market which will offer a veritable feast of seasonal foods and hot food Christmas treats. Alongside the food we’ve organised a beautiful decorated gift market selling a wealth of unusual presents – enough to have kept Santa’s Elves busy all year!

What’s on offer?

MM Events are offering a full Christmas Entertainment Package and Speciality Food and Gifts Market that will attract seasonal shoppers to your town centre in droves.

The event comprises:

  • A decorated lorry-mounted Christmas Entertainments Stage fitted with sound equipment and a with a professional host provided to build the atmosphere and bridge any local entertainment you want to put on;
  • A purpose-built Santa’s Grotto, lined and with a fenced area outside. Please note the Grotto is provided by us but not manned. It’s free to use for any local Community Group (Lions, Rotary etc) to operate and raise funds;
  • A Christmas Lights Centrepiece for which can be used for photo-opportunities or as a gateway to the event;
  • Snow Cannons, Smoke Machines and a Laser Light Show;
  • A Snow Globe for children to enter and be photographed, (provision dependent on weather conditions prevailing at the time);
  • A Children’s Funfair comprising 4/5 children’s rides, simulators and prize stalls. (We can increase the amount delivered to suit the venue);
  • The Secret Santa Village: a collection of grocery and gift stalls with an aim of keeping all items in the £5 to £15 price range — also featuring cheeses, pickles, cakes, coffees and other stocking fillers (100 meters frontage);
  • A Decorated Festive Bar: offering hot and cold refreshments with mulled wines and ciders (non-alcoholic available) (10 meters by 10 meters);
  • A Christmas-Themed Street Restaurant: a collection of Street Food retailers featuring savoury and sweet offerings and a seating area, potentially covered, between the bar and the restaurant areas (60 meters);
  • Christmas Lights Festoons to illuminate the Event. (200 meters in 25-meter lengths);
  • Selfie Stops: we will supply high quality, printed banners showing Christmas scenes including New York, London, German and Alpine scenes, for family photos.

When is it available?

The roadshow is on tour from 1st November 2018 until 23rd December 2018 and is available from 1-3 days in any location.

Please note that while we will try to accommodate specific dates and events the roadshow will travel from town to next nearest town across the country and pre-existing shows might not able to be included in our schedule.

Why this approach to Christmas Events?

Because the current Christmas Market concept is not working…

Having reviewed data from many sources over the last couple of years, MM Events have been looking at developing a new way to deliver a popular and successful working event for Christmas.

The traditional Christmas Market concept has been struggling to deliver for both the stallholders and Local Councils in recent years. Markets delivered in wooden chalets are expensive to build and maintain and sales are increasingly being squeezed out by online purchases.

Except in major conurbations like Birmingham and Manchester and a few specialist locations (Bath and Winchester) these events are not attracting the same footfall or consumer spend as they once did.

The duration of the events have been extended to cover rising costs for organisers so much so, that with stall rent and accommodation taken into account, stallholders are no longer making sufficient  to provide a reasonable return for their time and effort.

It is time to take a new approach and build an entertainment which captures a little of the childhood magic of Christmas and locates it in the midst of your town centre…

How the Roadshow works…

We believe that for any event to be successful and have longevity, it is vital that stallholders make money.

Our new concept aims to deliver a popular family orientated event, with free entertainment and exciting attractions over a short period to draw the local community once more into their local town centre and revitalise the Christmas High Street.

What to expect…

Our pre-built and mobile Christmas Event will be delivered to your venue, and quickly assembled, operated and then taken down by our specialist professional events team.

During the time we operate we plan to to be able to deliver a great 2/3 days of excitement to your town/city centre.

The Roadshow has been designed to be a ‘drop in’ packaged deal that you can book into your venue and then build your own specialist events around our basic delivery.

We do not consider we have everything you will need to achieve an amazing event BUT we do believe we have the base to build a wonderful community event on.

By working in partnership with us, we will provide the equipment and infrastructure and all other necessary requirements so support you in running a highly popular substantial community event to once again bring shoppers flooding into your town or city centre.

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