Is any town suitable? What sites does MM Events favour?

Markets do not work in every location. In addition a market needs to match the demographic of the customers likely to attend it. We generally style our markets to bring traders who are likely to be selling products that likely customers might want to buy.

Market sites generally need to be:

  • Highly Visible – such as in High Streets, pedestrianised areas and some market squares;
  • Busy – we do not normally work in areas without some natural footfall;
  • Have sufficient space – we normally need be able to site stalls with 70m+(small market) to 250m frontage (large market) with sufficient space for public walkways. Our stalls have a 3m depth;
  • Be on connected sites – we do not normally split a market across several dislocated sites;
  • Have vehicular access: for setting up and derigging. We do not permit vans to remain on our market sites;
  • Protected from  the elements, particularly wind, except in the height of summer;
  • On hard standing – we do not normally work on grass, except at the height of summer;

Other requirements:

  • Access to fresh water supply, our food traders will require access morning or evening to fill their water containers for both cleaning and hand-washing
  • If available, access to mains electric. If not available, we will supply super silent diesel generators
  • Refuse collection, we are unable to organise a central contract so we would require a contract for refuse collection or the supply of bins
  • Access to nearby toilet facilities for traders
  • Parking, allocation of parking spaces, or identification of cheapest nearby location, to park 15 to 20 large vans

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