If I make an application to trade on an MM Event or Market, will I be automatically accepted to trade?

No. We manage the quality of our traders and our market mix carefully to deliver the best possible market to the public and generally speaking we offer “single lines”.

You are much more likely to be accepted to trade if you offer unique products we have never seen before. If you have a great new concept we really like then we would love to have you trade on our events and markets.

Some sections – such as hot food which we limit to a maximum 20% of the market on most events – are usually full from the outset but we are always looking for new, quality traders, particularly for our larger events. Similarly we have expanded year-on-year and if you have traded with us already, the better chance you have to get on to our future shows.

If you believe you have a stall we need to know about please use the contact us page and tell us what your business is all about. And if you can, be sure to include an outline of your concept and some photographs which give an idea of your products and how you plan to deliver your stall.

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