How much does it cost to trade at an MM Event or Market?

We charge per per event and this year we are listing the cost of each event individually some locations cost us more to organised and get licenses and this is reflected in how we are charging this year. A blanket cost for all events simply did not make sense as you would over pay for some and under for others.  (Please note that with the exception of festivals you will require a white canopy to trade on an MM Event or Market).

sometimes we can get a reduced cost or parking permit this will be listed on the booking sheet it we have that option

If your stall is deeper than 3m you will need to contact us as we will need to consider where and how we site you. Additional charges may be payable.

Each market and event is priced individually.and the cost applies to the whole event we do not rent part of the event or allow subletting of stall space/or pitch

If you do not have a stall or tables of your own you can hire from us at additional cost.

We also reserve the right to make additional charges for:

  • extra power requirements
  • additional water requirements
  • additional waste clearance requirements
  • charges applied to us for stallholder negligence

Please contact us for more information if you feel you need additional services.

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