Does MM Events pay a site fee to use a space?

MM Events pays a site fee for almost all of our events and markets*. We are a business and any site fee we pay will be based on commercial considerations such as the amount of space available, the numbers of people likely to attend – and any additional fees we are required to pay to third parties to trade.

These can include:

  • Road and Street Closure costs;
  • Applications for additional Licenses;
  • Compensation Costs payable to nearby Charter Markets;
  • Payments for access and other costs;
  • Unforeseen additional costs for litter and waste disposal or additional power generation due to site layout;

Fees are normally paid to the letting authority or the market site owner. This can vary from event to event and may include:

  • District Council or Unitary Authority;
  • Town or Parish Council;
  • Local Town Trust or Charity;
  • Shopping Centre or Landowner or their Agent

Before undertaking the event MM Events will normally assess any additional costs likely to be incurred and may well make an offer based on the costs involved in staging the market.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding site fees as they are highly specific and vary widely for each location.

*Please note, our Christmas Roadshow is an entertainment as well as a market and normally incurs a fee payable to MM Events

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