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If you are a professional market trader working at the quality end of the market industry, the chances are you are looking for a reliable operator who books great venues which are easy to work, with good footfall every week and charges a reasonable rent with a sensible deposit. Look no further…

MM Events is consistently popular with traders because our management team go out of their way to provide what traders need with good prospects to make money week-in, week-out in a comfortable working environment.

Almost all our events are on the calendar before we start our working year so you always know where you are going. And venues are chosen intelligently to maximise trader revenue.

MM Events – Providing what Professional Traders Need

MM Events is a top quality travelling market operator working in major towns and cities and running markets at large scale events. Our weekly markets tour throughout the UK between March and Christmas.

Check out the MM Events advantages:

  • Year-long calendar of events from March onwards with top-class profitable locations and great footfall so you always know where you are going
  • Multiple day bookings for each event;
  • Extensive promotion and publicity;
  • Managed market mix to maximise all-trader profitability;
  • Professional fellow traders who now how to ‘flash’ and sell quality products;
  • Easy to work – with power, water and other services provided to your requirements;
  • Friendly market management with full overnight security;
  • Reasonable rents and overheads with sensible pre-booking deposits;
  • Book online using our easy-to-use site booking system;

It’s easy to register as a MM Events trader

Store all your required legally required paperwork with us when you first register and you can book future events with us in a few minutes using our mobile phone app. Once we have your booking we will confirm back to you in no time so you are certain you are booked on.

All our events are on quality sites and priced individually to reflect the value of the location and the time of year. We want you to grow your business in partnership with ours.

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