Working With Local Authorities and BIDS

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MM Events Group prides itself on creating extremely attractive and appealing themed street-events and markets. We normally operate in public spaces such as Town and City Squares and pedestrianised High Streets.

Our events and markets have free admission and are attractive with traders working on well-presented stalls under identical clean white canopies. Our branded flags and pennants add visibility and charm and character to your event location and our easily-identifiable uniformed managers and stewards are always on hand to assist with any enquiries.

Our Themed Markets

Our themed markets currently include:

But we are extremely flexible and always willing to discuss other themes to reflect or complement any themed event you may have or are planning locally…

Our Traders

Our unique booking and vetting system and extensive trader database means we can select traders to  perfectly suit our event themes and requirements.

We specialise in thoroughly well-prepared cohesive events which bring the best-quality traders together under a consistent format to deliver an event which affords a great deal of enjoyment and the highest standards of safety to people who attend your chosen location.

All our traders are vetted to expertly present a wide variety of quality products which broadly reflect the market theme we deliver. Each trader is likely to have worked with us regularly and all will have submitted  photographs of both their stall and their products. Traders are verified to be fully insured and have all the necessary legal documentation before they are permitted to trade with us.

We carefully monitor our traders and the market mix to ensure polite and helpful service, consistent quality, great presentation and a wide choice of goods offered to the public

We’re efficient & easy to work with!

Agreeing the terms beforehand

After our initial approach to the Local Authority, BID or Town Team we will always conduct a site visit or meeting to assess the possible location and agree a provisional layout.

As part of our site visit we will produce a detailed event map of the prospective site and showing stall locations, infrastructure positions (generators and waste bins) and any areas which require especially sensitive treatment. Locations are assessed for the availability of space; we will also agree whether we need to undertake any road closures or whether parking bay suspensions and how these can be most responsibly be undertaken to cause minimum impact to local residents and businesses.

A site fee (and payment terms) is normally agreed before or during the site visit along with any additional licenses or permissions which may be needed.

Preparing the documentation

Once the site fee is concluded the legal documentation required to stage the market is prepared and any required applications completed.

Our Market Hosts Pack will then be sent to you. This typically includes:

  • Any Application Forms required to stage the event (including council forms, street and bay suspension applications; licensing applications (if applicable);
  • A Site-Specific Event Plan including safe operations and emergency contingency;
  • An Event Schedule detailing build and days and hours of operation, permitted off-site parking; location of trader lavatories and details of break-down;
  • A Map of the Event Area showing the market site and the location of any street closures and bay suspensions;
  • A Sketch-map of the Stalls Layout showing detailed positions, dimensions in metres, direction faced etc. along with position of site infrastructure (generators and bins etc);
  • Our Method Statements;
  • Our Risk Assessments;
  • Certificate of Public and Employer Liability Insurance for MM Events Group;
  • Access details permitting Host login to our Trader Management System;

A complete and integrated unit

All our markets travel as a complete unit with all the following services provided:

  • market management;
  • curated and vetted stallholders with all the correct documentation (insurance, right to work ID, hygiene, health and safety risk assessments , gas and electricity certificates);
  • super-silent power generation;
  • litter pick and managed waste-disposal
  • on-site event information point and office;
  • overnight manned security;
  • site review and check on vacation

Invoices Settled Promptly on Schedule

We settle invoices as they fall due on the dates we have agreed with you. Payment is always made by direct credit transfer.

After the Event – Post-Event Survey and online ‘Wash-Up’ Meetings

We want to make our visit to you a regular event and learn from any mistakes so we don’t stop when the event stops as we want an ongoing relationship.

We always survey all our site hosts within a week of the event ending to establish what improvements can be made for our subsequent visits – Did the trading hours work? Was the theme suitable?

In the unlikely case that there were more serious problems with the event we are happy to get involved in online “wash-up” meetings by video link to discuss wider problems and how they might be eliminated in future.

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