Working With Event Organisers

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Whether you are a commercial events company, a community organiser or volunteer or working for a local council, if you are an event organiser putting together a festival or community event and want a substantial and well-organised market without the hassle of recruiting and organising  your own traders for your your event, MM Events Group are able to help.

We can put together a quality market for you which generates a known revenue stream, paying you a fixed and guaranteed fee for your markets.

We pay fair rates, you know what you are getting up front and when you will receive your money.

It means there is one less issue to trouble you as you put together your pre-event planning schedule – and you are guaranteed a top-quality, well-run, professionally-organised market.

Your Markets? Hassle-Free and Sorted!

A full market delivered to your requirements and payment made on time – no problems

If you appoint us to run your markets MM Events will:

  • agree and deliver on the theme, concept and layout within any restrictions;
  • recruit the traders;
  • organise any legally required paperwork or licences;
  • manage the market mix;
  • verify trader documentation, insurance and eligibility to trade;
  • organise the stalls and trader reception;
  • deal with health and safety and environmental health concerns;
  • manage the market and security during the event;
  • organise power and cleanup if required;
  • collect market rents;
  • deal with market de-rig and orderly decant.

Scale of Events and Events Type

We’re happy to work with you on any scale of event from a small popular community show to a massive international festival. All we ask is the show is a multiple day event

We can provide markets for:

  • River Festivals (eg 2018 Bedford River Festival);
  • Food and Drink Festivals (eg 2018 Plymouth Flavour Fest);
  • Christmas Events;
  • Garden Festivals;
  • Harbour Festivals;
  • Agricultural Shows;
  • Community Festivals;
  • Sports Events;
  • Airshows; and
  • any multi-day event type and festival.

If you organise a festival and event and need assistance with your markets, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a no-obligation discussion and consultancy and recent references and testimonials are always available.

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