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How to apply to our Events

To register go to our registration page

after you have registered

To apply to any of our upcoming events, go into your Apply and Pay dashboard and then, in the Events section, select an event.


Inside of each event you can confirm requirements and apply. Information such as contact details, your address, product description and documents is saved and will autofill which means that you don’t have to fill in all of your information everytime you apply to a new event while also giving you the option to change your details/renew any expired documents at the same time.


If you have any questions about your application, please email


If you experience any problems with the Apply and Pay website, please contact the support team on or call 01225 469 888 (Office hours: 09:00 – 17:00)

How (and when) do I pay my stall rent?

Your invoice will be sent out 2 weeks before by email  this can be paid in 3 ways

By the link on the invoice (charges apply not mine)
By bank transfer using booking ref no. (no charges)
By cash on ARRIVAL on site (we also have card machines on site)

You will not be allowed to set up your stall without payment being made this is due to problematic traders in the past and the best way to protect our business.


How do I secure my pitch and pay a deposit?

We take a deposit to secure the line on the event of £50.

Deposit requests are sent out when the event is getting close to full so we can secure your pitch and ensure the market is full.

We are a single line market so if you have not paid your deposit we reserve the right to reopen your line to other traders who want to book.

Once your deposit is paid your final invoice will be sent out 2 weeks before the event and can be paid in 3 ways:

  • by clicking the link on the invoice (additional charges apply)
  • by bank transfer using your booking ref no. (no additional charges)
  • by cash on ARRIVAL on site. (no additional charges – we have card machines on site).


Why do I need to register before making a trader application?

MM Events Group developed the registration system to help in the management of the events.

Compliance wit our BETTER, SAFER EVENTS PROGRAMME is the cornerstone to our ability to secure the best possible events and locations.

Registration takes only 5 minutes. We are legally required to check documents permitting you to trade. Once these are lodged with us you can quickly book onto any of our events.

We do not permit any trader to work with us unless they register.

There is no provision to trade unless you are registered and your documents have been uploaded.

How do I register to trade on one of MM Events or Markets?

PC, Laptop and Tablet Users

You can book on a PC, laptop or tablet using MM Events secure online booking system. All your details are held securely and confidentially and once you have registered is it very easy to make further bookings.

You have your own dashboard with the ability to edit the uploaded documents as they become due see what/when you have booked and access site plans, event information like post codes and refuse provision for each event you book.

Mobile Users

Our Modern Trader app for iPhone and Android is a great way to receive notifications and connect to events.

For Android Users visit the Google Play store and search for “Modern Trader”.

For iPhone Users search the App Store for “Modern Trader”

events and deals are often sent out on the app and its always the first way info is released

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If you need assistance with registering or bookings, call Maria on 07403 433 309 or email


What documents do I need to have to trade at an MM Event or Market?

Required Documents

Our Registration System requires you to upload some legally-required documents without which you cannot trade.

Please have the following documents to hand for uploading:

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate: Required from all traders.
  • Marketing Photo of Stall: Required from all traders we use this to promote the event and your stalls attendance.
  • Photo ID (Passport or Driving License recommended): Required from all traders. (this is for right to work purposes)

If you are a hot food trader or use electricity or gas we will require some additional documents:

Please have the following additional documents to hand for uploading:

  • Stall Risk Assessment available in the event documents or you can use your own.
  • PAT Test Certificate all electrical appliances should be tested lights strings do not count as a appliance.
  • Gas Safety Certificate any LPG equipment needs yearly testing.

How much does it cost to trade at an MM Event or Market?

We charge per per event and this year we are listing the cost of each event individually some locations cost us more to organised and get licenses and this is reflected in how we are charging this year. A blanket cost for all events simply did not make sense as you would over pay for some and under for others.  (Please note that with the exception of festivals you will require a white canopy to trade on an MM Event or Market).

sometimes we can get a reduced cost or parking permit this will be listed on the booking sheet it we have that option

If your stall is deeper than 3m you will need to contact us as we will need to consider where and how we site you. Additional charges may be payable.

Each market and event is priced individually.and the cost applies to the whole event we do not rent part of the event or allow subletting of stall space/or pitch

If you do not have a stall or tables of your own you can hire from us at additional cost.

We also reserve the right to make additional charges for:

  • extra power requirements
  • additional water requirements
  • additional waste clearance requirements
  • charges applied to us for stallholder negligence

Please contact us for more information if you feel you need additional services.

If I make an application to trade on an MM Event or Market, will I be automatically accepted to trade?

No. We manage the quality of our traders and our market mix carefully to deliver the best possible market to the public and generally speaking we offer “single lines”.

You are much more likely to be accepted to trade if you offer unique products we have never seen before. If you have a great new concept we really like then we would love to have you trade on our events and markets.

Some sections – such as hot food which we limit to a maximum 20% of the market on most events – are usually full from the outset but we are always looking for new, quality traders, particularly for our larger events. Similarly we have expanded year-on-year and if you have traded with us already, the better chance you have to get on to our future shows.

If you believe you have a stall we need to know about please use the contact us page and tell us what your business is all about. And if you can, be sure to include an outline of your concept and some photographs which give an idea of your products and how you plan to deliver your stall.

When and how do I pay my pitch fee?

When you are successfully accepted on to the event you will receive a email letting you know this will also ask for a deposit to secure your pitch. This deposit insures that we only accept your product line on the event we have many applications and some product lines and very popular and we have multiple applications. If you do not pay the deposit after fair reminders your space could be reallocated to ensure all events are full attended. once the deposit is received you will receive a invoice two weeks before the event via email with event documents attached. you can pay the invoice in four ways there is

  • a link to pay via the booking system (charges apply)
  • you can pay by BACS transfer to our bank account using your booking ref (no charges)
  • cash on arrival (no charges)
  • PayPal payment can be made on PayPal using your booking ref no.

Do I need any special equipment to trade at an MM Event or Market?

Stalls and Equipment

You will require a stall and any other equipment you require (such as tables, stall dressing and any special equipment you need) to trade at our events.

For all markets with the sole exception of any festival (unless stated) we require you to have a white topped gazebo (typically 3m x 3m or multiples thereof) and all necessary weights to trade with us.

If you do not have a stall or tables these can be provided at additional cost.

Please Note: We provide a power supply to every stall on our events. For health and safety, aesthetic and quality control reasons we do not permit traders to use their own generators.


Is electric power supplied to stalls? What is the standard supply offered and what if I need extra?

Please note for health and safety, aesthetic and quality control reasons we do not allow traders to use their own generators at MM events or markets

Power Supplied as Standard

we offer 16 amp and 32 amp supplies on events there is a provision for 3 phase 32 amp but this will be limited and you would need to contact us to discuss

Type of Plugs Required to Access

all supply’s are in the cee blue plug connections for outdoor use

Requesting Additional Power (for hot food sellers and others)

you can buy additional supply for the booking form.

Is there any facility to take credit and debit cards (trader question)?

we do have the ability to process card transactions on site as we have two card machines. the machines are normally found on a regular trader stall (handbags or pop art gallery normally).

you can if required process a transaction and use this to exchange for cash . This is a old process we still have in place as the contracts are still running.

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