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How do I make a complaint?

Complaints About Traders or the Market

Your opinion and the quality of the service both we and our traders provide are important to us so please contact us if you feel we have not met the high standards you expect from our Events, Markets or Traders.

Please either contact:

  • our highly visible uniformed market management staff on site who will endeavour to resolve the matter immediately by mediating your problem. Any stallholder will be able to assist you in locating market management staff. In addition from 2018 onwards, we will have a market information stall specialising in customer contact on every market site
  • our market office either by calling or texting
    07851 111960 or


Is there any charge for admission?

Almost all our events are currently free unless specifically stated.

In some rare cases where our markets take place as part of a larger event, concert or festival the event may make a charge for admission but this is always listed on our MM Events: Venues and Events listings pages

How do I find out about my local MM Events and Markets?

We show all our events as they are confirmed on our MM Events: Venues and Events page.

You can obtain details of any events through accessing the page including details of the locations and trading times.

Is there any facility to pay for shopping by credit and debit cards (shopper question)?

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