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Why do we use the term “Better, Safer Events”?

MM Events Group has developed the Better, Safer Events programme over the last year  to provide a complete event planning and management structure delivering busy, popular events on the solid foundation of safe operations.

All MM Events use the program and all traders are registered with us for full tracking review and accountability.

Whatever the event, the same foundation is the same but adapted to meet the needs of the specific event, from small markets to our larger international markets and food and drink festivals.

I am staging an event – what are the advantages of having MM Events organise my markets?

Whether your event is a massive festival or a smaller community event MM Events can remove the uncertainty and risks of Market Management by recruiting traders from or massive trader database and organising markets on your behalf.

Getting MM Events to run your markets on your event offers the following advantages:

  • Guaranteed revenue from site rental – we will make an offer or will tender to run markets for your event;
  • Professional Market Management on-site 24/7;
  • No requirement to hire-in market infrastructure including stalls or power generation as MM Events will supply it;
  • Fully vetted Top-quality traders recruited to match your event from our database of professional traders to a specification agreed in advance;
  • Full compliance and verification of all trader and market event documentation;
  • Liaison and cooperation with local Licensing, Public Protection, Trading Standards and Environmental Health Officers;
  • No requirements for additional Market Insurance;
  • Guaranteed professionalism and cooperation from the moment you appoint us to the time we clear the site and after.
  • Prompt payment of invoices on terms agreed.


Can an event be held on grass or in a park?

It depends. We will normally only commit to working on grass in the height of summer because of the risk of damage to the surface or it becoming unworkable.

In summer some events work successfully on grass (or partly on grass, partly on hard standing).

Parks are suitable for some events, particularly in the summer months, but it depends on their location and the amount of natural footfall they have. Parks and events on grass often work if they are already being used for another substantial event.

Suggest a location or event if you have one in mind and we will consider it and come back to you within 1-2 business days.

How much space is required to host an event?

A Market or Event can range from a minimum 70m frontage (small market) to more than 350m frontage (very large market, usually operating as an event).  Stalls are normally 3m in depth.  If  you have a site in mind for your event please suggest it. We will normally be able to review it within the day and provide an answer as to its suitability or suggest a better location

The frontage can be delivered in a number of configurations, either in rows or as a square block. Planning of layouts is normally undertaken by MM Events’ Operations Director and agreed at a site visit. We will always provide a stall layout prior to delivering an event.

Is any town suitable? What sites does MM Events favour?

Markets do not work in every location. In addition a market needs to match the demographic of the customers likely to attend it. We generally style our markets to bring traders who are likely to be selling products that likely customers might want to buy.

Market sites generally need to be:

  • Highly Visible – such as in High Streets, pedestrianised areas and some market squares;
  • Busy – we do not normally work in areas without some natural footfall;
  • Have sufficient space – we normally need be able to site stalls with 70m+(small market) to 250m frontage (large market) with sufficient space for public walkways. Our stalls have a 3m depth;
  • Be on connected sites – we do not normally split a market across several dislocated sites;
  • Have vehicular access: for setting up and derigging. We do not permit vans to remain on our market sites;
  • Protected from  the elements, particularly wind, except in the height of summer;
  • On hard standing – we do not normally work on grass, except at the height of summer;

Other requirements:

  • Access to fresh water supply, our food traders will require access morning or evening to fill their water containers for both cleaning and hand-washing
  • If available, access to mains electric. If not available, we will supply super silent diesel generators
  • Refuse collection, we are unable to organise a central contract so we would require a contract for refuse collection or the supply of bins
  • Access to nearby toilet facilities for traders
  • Parking, allocation of parking spaces, or identification of cheapest nearby location, to park 15 to 20 large vans

Does MM Events pay a site fee to use a space?

MM Events pays a site fee for almost all of our events and markets*. We are a business and any site fee we pay will be based on commercial considerations such as the amount of space available, the numbers of people likely to attend – and any additional fees we are required to pay to third parties to trade.

These can include:

  • Road and Street Closure costs;
  • Applications for additional Licenses;
  • Compensation Costs payable to nearby Charter Markets;
  • Payments for access and other costs;
  • Unforeseen additional costs for litter and waste disposal or additional power generation due to site layout;

Fees are normally paid to the letting authority or the market site owner. This can vary from event to event and may include:

  • District Council or Unitary Authority;
  • Town or Parish Council;
  • Local Town Trust or Charity;
  • Shopping Centre or Landowner or their Agent

Before undertaking the event MM Events will normally assess any additional costs likely to be incurred and may well make an offer based on the costs involved in staging the market.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding site fees as they are highly specific and vary widely for each location.

*Please note, our Christmas Roadshow is an entertainment as well as a market and normally incurs a fee payable to MM Events

What measures are undertaken to protect vulnerable surfaces?

We always attempt to leave sites our events occupy in at least as good condition as we found them.

Protection of vulnerable surfaces is always agreed with the event host prior to the event taking place. We will comply with any restrictions regarding vehicle access and undertake all measures necessary to return the site in the condition we found it.

All our food traders operate on protective impermeable matting to ensure that surfaces remain protected in all circumstances.

At the end of the event the condition of the surface will be checked by market management and any spot cleaning or required local restitution undertaken.

What is distinctive about a MM Event or Market?

Unlike many other travelling market operators MM Events offers a number of themes which can be scaled to your available area.

Our current range includes:

but we are constantly innovating new themes and our flexible package enables us to originate a themed event or to style a market around your themed event to maximise public enjoyment.

Creating fun events in a safe and orderly environment

Quality markets like ours are highly appealing to shoppers of all ages but aside from locating stallholders of the highest quality we pride ourselves on the appearance of our markets and our history of running safe operations.

Whatever event you book we will deliver:

  • A cohesive event using white tents, branded flags, team uniforms and branded marketing, producing a clean, professional and organised look and feel;
  • Excellent pre-planning with consultation, site visit and an agreed market-build – taking careful account of the location of stalls to maximise opportunities for, and minimise local conflict with, residents and existing town traders;
  • Extensive pre-event local marketing to bring additional footfall to your town/retail area;
  • Full and detailed Insurance, Health and Safety, Public Protection and Risks Documentation provided well before the event;
  • Excellent modern market infrastructure including all power and cabling to meet the highest standards of compliance;
  • Manifest of traders curated to your needs, all fully checked and vetted for compliance for insurance, employment rights, health and hygiene and public safety requirements;
  • Online access to our booking system for trader information and documentation to public protection and enforcement officers;
  • 24/7 onsite management and security including CCTV coverage of site and (new for 2018) highly visible event and information office;
  • Guaranteed clean-up including litter-pick throughout the event and waste disposal and recycling with site restitution on completion.


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