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MM Events Group started life as Modern Markets, when a group of traders including Stuart Calder, a former chef, restaurant manager and latterly fine coffee trader became disillusioned with the organisation and planning provided by the touring market operators who booked their events and decided to set up a touring market company of their own.

Modern Markets turned a small profit in its first year and developed a reputation for friendly professionalism with both its traders and the towns the markets visited and their local authority hosts.

But not everyone has an aptitude for market organisation and what had been a group became a one man business in the second year with Stuart taking over sole control. However many of the original founders remained as traders with the company and still do so today.

Subsequently the company has grown in scope and reputation year-on-year, extending the number and quality of its markets. Despite this growth, the company is still very much family-managed with Stuart attending all events while his wife Maria manages trader bookings from home.

In 2018 the company business was renamed MM Events Group to reflect the extension of its core business of organising travelling street markets in town centres to also putting together markets for major festivals.

In 2018 these will include the Markets at the Bedford River Festival (a 250,000 attendance event) and Plymouth Flavour Fest, by far the largest food event in south west England and one of the largest in the UK.

MM Event Group also originates events, including the major food event in affluent West Sussex, new in 2018, a two centre Food Festival in Chichester and Midhurst.

Other new events for 2018 include the Christmas Roadshow series, where touring markets are accompanied by a quality seasonal entertainment show which is set to visit towns for one and two days at a time in November and December.

Despite the growth, MM Events Group remains a friendly company whose success has been shared with its many quality traders, many of which have been with the company from the outset and look likely to remain as traders for the foreseeable future.

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